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Brand new Nonfiction titles!

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The well-gardened mind : the restorative power of nature / Sue Stuart-Smith

The garden has always been a place of peace and perseverance, of nurture and reward. Using contemporary neuroscience, psychoanalysis, and compelling real-life stories, The Well-Gardened Mind investigates the remarkable effects of nature on our health and well-being.

Local dirt : seasonal recipes for eating close to home / Andrea Bemis

From Andrea Bemis, author of the farm-to-table cookbook Dishing Up the Dirt, comes a new collection of recipes using farm-fresh ingredients, inspired by Andrea's commitment to supporting the local food movement.

Mike Nichols : a life / Mark Harris

A magnificent biography of one of the most protean creative forces in American entertainment history, a life of dazzling highs and vertiginous plunges--some of the worst largely unknown until now--by the acclaimed author of Pictures at a Revolution and Five Came Back.

On flowers : lessons from an accidental florist / Amy Merrick

Collected here is an anthology of floral inspiration, a love letter to nature by an exceptional, accidental florist.

The soul of a woman : on impatient love, long life, and good witches / Isabel Allende

The author describes her lifelong commitment to feminism in a meditation on what it means to be a woman, discussing progress within the movement in her lifetime, what remains to be done, and how to move forward in the future.

Grammar for a full life : how the ways we shape a sentence can limit or enlarge us / Lawrence Weinstein

If you’re looking for a traditional manual of rules, this much-acclaimed, groundbreaking book by a cofounder of Harvard University’s Writing Center may not be the one for you. Grammar is about much more than rules: it’s about choices, too—since a thought can always be expressed correctly in multiple ways.

Festival days / Jo Ann Beard

A collection that includes seven essays and two pieces of short fiction captures both the small moments of daily existence and times when life and death hang in the balance, including the title work about a searing journey through India.

Dusk night dawn : on revival and courage / Anne Lamott

In Anne Lamott's new book, she confronts the harsh truth that many of us grapple with every day: How can we recapture the confidence we once had in the world and in the future as we stumble through the dark times that seem increasingly bleak? As bad news piles up every day -- from climate crises to threats to democracy to daily assaults on civility -- how can we mere mortals cope? Full of the honesty, humor and humanity that have made Lamott beloved by millions of readers, this book is classic Anne Lamott -- thoughtful and comic, warm and wise -- and further proof that Lamott truly speaks to the better angels in all of us.

Night rooms : essays / Gina Nutt

Night Rooms is a poetic, intimate collection of personal essays that weaves together fragmented images from horror films and cultural tropes to meditate on anxiety and depression, suicide, body image, identity, grief, and survival.

Simply Julia : 110 easy recipes for healthy comfort food / Julia Turshen

From cookbook author Julia Turshen comes a new collection of simple yet inspired recipes, in her most personal and visually arresting book to date.

Cosmic odyssey : how intrepid astronomers at Palomar Observatory changed our view of the universe / Linda Schweizer

Stories of 20th century astronomers working at the frontiers of astrophysics whose discoveries on the Palomar telescopes shattered and expanded our view of the universe.

The delusions of crowds : why people go mad in groups / William J. Bernstein

Throughout human history, compelling stories have catalyzed the spread of contagious narratives through susceptible groups -- with enormous, often disastrous consequences. Armed with the latest scientific research that explains the biological, evolutionary, and psychosocial roots of human irrationality, Bernstein tells the stories of dramatic religious and financial manias in western society over the last 500 years. The participants are as colorful as their motivation -- invariably "the desire to improve one's well-being in this life or the next."

Women and other monsters : building a new mythology / Jess Zimmerman

This essay collection uses female monsters from Greek mythology to explore traits that women are taught to suppress, and encourage readers to embrace them instead.

Sick souls, healthy minds : how William James can save your life / John Kaag

An absorbing introduction to James’s life and thought that shows why the founder of pragmatism and empirical psychology can still speak so directly and profoundly to anyone struggling to make a life worth living.

Strange bedfellows : adventures in the science, history, and surprising secrets of STDs / Ina Park

Covering everything from AIDS to Zika, Park explores STDs on the cellular, individual, and population-level. She blends science and storytelling with historical tales, real life sexual escapades, and interviews with leading scientists -- weaving in a healthy dose of hilarity along the way.

Cosmic queries : StarTalk's guide to who we are, how we got here, and where we're going / Neil deGrasse Tyson with James Trefil ; edited by Lindsey N. Walker

An exploration of some of the deepest questions about our place in the universe.

So much longing in so little space : the art of Edvard Munch / Karl Ove Knausgaard

A brilliant and personal examination by sensational and bestselling author Karl Ove Knausgaard of his Norwegian compatriot Edvard Munch, the famed artist best known for his iconic painting The Scream.

Want me : a sex writer's journey into the heart of desire / Tracy Clark-Flory

In her bold memoir, a prominent sex journalist shares the confusing, funny, and sometimes painful moments that shaped her young adulthood, offering an honest look at sex and culture for modern young women.

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