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Graphic Grab Bag....

I just added these lovelies, read the descriptions below and call the library or click on the link to place a hold.

Jimbo : Adventures in Paradise -- Gary Panter

"Gary Panter is one of America's great creative forces: illustrator for the trailblazing punk magazine and record label Slash, set designer for the legendary TV show Peewee's Playhouse, and one of the wildest, most innovative comics artists of all time. Jimbo: Adventures in Paradise is an uproarious leap into the life of Panter's ever-cheerful punk everyman, Jimbo, and a perfect introduction to Panter's ever-shifting style. Jimbo bobs and weaves through an amalgam of dead-broke NYC alleys and futuristic LA freeways, going to concerts, making amends with Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy, rescuing his pal Smoggo's sister from giant cockroaches, all while the world teeters between extravagance and apocalypse"

The Sheriff of Babylon -- Tom King

The Fog of War Baghdad, 2003. The reign of Saddam Hussein is over. The Americans are in command. And no one is in control. Former cop turned military contractor Christopher Henry knows that better than anyone. He s in country to train up a new Iraqi police force, and one of his recruits has just been murdered. With civil authority in tatters and dead bodies clogging the streets, Chris is the only person in the Green Zone with any interest in finding out who killed him or why. Chris s inquiry brings him first to Sofia, an American-raised Iraqi who now sits on the governing council, and then to Nassir, a grizzled veteran of Saddam s police force and probably the last real investigator left in Baghdad. United by death but divided by conflicting loyalties, the three must help one another navigate the treacherous landscape of post-invasion Iraq in order to hunt down the killers.

H. P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu & Dagon -- Illustrated by Dave Shephard

In this hauntingly illustrated adaptation of two of H. P. Lovecraft’s most famous stories from the Cthulhu Mythos, illustrator Dave Shephard captivates readers with stories of supernatural monsters so powerful that humanity is deemed irrelevant. The Call of Cthulhu and Dagon introduce the Great Old Ones, powerful deities who reside outside the normal dimensions of space-time, with physical forms that are impossible for the human mind to fathom. This handsome thread-bound edition presents these stories in rich and colorful detail, making it an accessible and entertaining gateway to Lovecraft’s world.

Stillwater Vol. 1, Rage, Rage -- Chip Zdarsky

"Nobody dies. In the town of Stillwater, that's not just a promise. It's a threat."

Save it for Later : Promises, Parenthood and the Urgency of Protest -- Nate Powell

"In this anthology of seven comics essays, author and graphic novelist Nate Powell addresses living in an era of what he calls 'necessary protest.' Save It for Later: Promises, Parenthood, and the Urgency of Protest is Powell's reflection on witnessing the collapse of discourse in real time while drawing the award-winning trilogy March, written by Congressman John Lewis and Andrew Aydin, this generation's preeminent historical account of nonviolent revolution in the civil rights movement. Powell highlights both the danger of normalized paramilitary presence symbols in consumer pop culture, and the roles we play individually as we interact with our communities, families, and society at large"

Adler -- Lavie Tidhar

"For Sherlock, there was only ever one woman -- now Irene Adler is on a mission to take down Moriarty! It's the League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen, as Adler teams up with a host of famous female faces from science, history and literature to defeat the greatest criminal mastermind of all time!"

Sirens of the Norse Sea : The Waters of Skagerrak -- Francoise Ruscak

"Fierce Vikings and mystical sirens face each other in a never-ending battle to claim the most significant natural resource their world has to offer: the sea itself. For generations, Viking clans have faced siren tribes in battles waged on land and sea--battles that pit brute strength against sorcery and cunning versus charm. Their war, sparked by the great Leviathan Jörmungand, has torn apart the very world they fight over while filling graveyards that span farther than the eye can see. If there is any hope of bringing even the whisper of peace, it lies with Freydis, a unique young woman with a warrior's spirit who finds herself torn between two worlds."

Freaks of the Heartland -- Steve Niles

"Trevor's monstrous little brother lives in the barn behind the house. The boy's only six years old, but he towers over his older brother, and possesses incredible strength. For years, Trevor has looked after his baby brother, keeping him from the light, but now that's all about to change. His family's secret is about to be revealed, uncovering the horrible truth of the small midwestern town the boys have grown up in."

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