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New Nonfiction 8/13/20

Call the library at 541-347-3221 or go online at to reserve a title!

Hidden Treasures: Quilts from 1600 to 1860 - Kay Triplett

Too Much and Never Enough - Mary Trump

Oregon Do Your Own Nonprofit - Kitty Bickford

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You - Jason Reynolds and Ibram Kendi

Find the Good: Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-town Obituary Writer - Heather Lende

Writing Wild: Women Poets, Ramblers and Mavericks Who Shape How We See the Natural World - Kathryn Aalto

Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation - Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Island On Fire: The Revolt That Ended Slavery in the British Empire - Tom Zoellner


The Story of Trees: And How They Changed the Way We Live - Kevin Hobbs

Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests - Ken Mudge

Trees in Trouble: Wildfires, Infestations and Climate Change: Daniel Mathews

Separated: Inside an American Tragedy - Jacob Soboroff

A Landowner's Guide to Managing Your Woods - Ann Larkin Hansen

Cool Beans - Joe Yonan

Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities and our Planet -- One Bite at a Time - Mark Hyman

The Source: How Rivers Made America and America Remade Its Rivers - Martin Doyle

Replenish: The Virtuous Cycle of Water and Prosperity - Sandra Postel

The Minimalist Kitchen: The Practical Art of Making More With Less - Melissa Coleman

The Secret Wisdom of Nature: Trees, Animals and the Extraordinary Balance of All Living Things - Peter Wohlleben (available in text or book on CD)

The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis - Christiana Figueres

The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here - Hope Jahren

How to Be an Antiracist (book on CD) - Ibram Kendi

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