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Puzzling development!

Updated: Jan 22

We have added some Jigsaw puzzles that can be checked out...You need to call the library at 541-347-3221 to reserve one. You can pick them up at the curbside window by appointment. They are currently for pick-up and return at Bandon Library only, and they check out for one week but can be renewed twice for a total of 3 weeks.

Please ask for the puzzle you want by the puzzle LETTER that is above it's picture. (We hope that all the pieces will be there, please tell us if any were missing when you return the puzzle, we will stop circulating it)

Puzzle A

Puzzle B

Puzzle C

Puzzle D

Puzzle E

Puzzle F

Puzzle G

Puzzle H

Puzzle J

Puzzle K

Puzzle L

Puzzle M

Puzzle N

Puzzle O

Puzzle P

Puzzle Q

Puzzle R

Puzzle T

Puzzle U

Puzzle V

Puzzle W

Puzzle X

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